it’s been a long time…

all together now, this sucks, i had a good start on an entry and i got a bluescreen in xp which never happens… ahh well what can ya do… we’ll try again.

wow it’s been a week since my last blog, that’s pretty bad, but it was a busy week. i worked all last weekend which pretty much kills the weekend.

the first part of the week was pretty slow, tuesday and wednesday nights their were solo tryouts for current jam in the cities, i couldn’t get there of course but i did get to hear about them seem to be looking at some good groups this year. wednesday i bumped up my bowling average a bit and we started integration in calc this week, yuk!

on wednesday (i think, maybe it was tuesday) i decided i needed to outfit my hitachi broadcast camera with it’s new power fittings so i went to the manufacturing lab to have someone do it. lucky me there was no one availible to do it so they let me do it myself, needless to say i got a kick out of getting to use a ram drill to make the holes in the metal plates for the jacks. then i spent some quality time with epoxy and a solderign iron wiring up the new jacks and power supply for the camera, it looks pretty good too!

it starts to get a little more interesting on thursday, after my last class (calc) i headed back to my room, dropped my stuff and ate dinner. then i headed down to the student center to try out being an event tech for a night, which will be a new job for me here on campus next semester. i loved every minute of it, this was unpaid time so i could leave at any time, i got there at ~5:30 and stayed until after 11 when everything was over. i got ot see all the secret passageways around the building too. we had a couple of events going on, there were some groups meeting that needed lcd’s and laptops which we took and setup for them. there was an early childhood conference setting up too so we had to drop power for lots of them. there was also an open mic night in one of the cafes in the building so we had to monitor that equipment too. for a while it was pretty exciting being needed in six places at once and running around the building, this is the sort of stuff i really enjoy doing. anyway i think it’ll be a really fun job, and the people are really nice as well.

that brings us to today, i stayed up until at least 3:15 last night and slept in until the phone woke my up at 1:00PM today. i got up and listened to the message, the front desk had a big package they wanted me to come get asap, so i took a shower and went down for my usual friday omelette(sp?) picked up my mail (which had a key) and stopped my the desk for the package, it was the new JVC camera I’d been waiting for. for those who don’t know i do a fair bit of video work and used to have to rent the broadcast cameras, i bouth two in the last month, so i’m pretty well set up for them now, anyway this one’s a beaut JVC KY27U with a 18x lens and SVHS deck docked on the back, i’ll put up a photo of me and my cameras sometime soon. it was a good buy and i’m very happy with it. in fact i used it to tape a LAN party in the basement here tonight in very low light and it preformed very well although the stills from the video don’t look good.

registered for fall classes today, i won’t say too much about it because i have to get a level wavier for one class and an overload sig for another, but then i’ll take soem time to discuss my classes for fall.

tomorrow i think i have to go to the library and do some research for a historty research project. we’ll see how that goes. oh my, someone just knocked on my door, needs to reinstall their video drivers so i’d better go, then i should get some sleep so i can get up at a decent hour tomorrow. in any event i hope to get back to a little more reular schedule of blogging soon!

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