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Anti-Spyware Spyware

I don’t have time to do the big enterprise anti-spyware writeup right now so as a teaser I’m going to post a list of programs that claim to be spyware removers but do more harm than good.
You can find the original list at:
Bogus Spyware Removal Tools
A list of Rogue Programs that will do you more harm than

Compiled from various sites around the Internet, and the good folks at the
PC Pitstop Forums and Spyware Info Forums.
AdwareHunter (
AdWareRemoverGold (
InternetAntiSpy (
NoAdware (
PurityScan (
Real AdWareRemoverGold (
SpyAssault (
SpyBan ( — noadware clone
SpyBlast (
Spyblocs/ (
SpyDeleter (
SpyEliminator ( — dead?
SpyFerret ( — also Lop Uninstaller, Xupiter Uninstaller
SpyGone (
SpyHunter (
SpyKiller (
SpyKillerPro (
Spyware Annihilator (
SpywareBeGone (
SpywareCleaner (» – »
SpywareCrusher (
SpywareNuker (
SpywareKilla (
SpywareRemover (
SpywareThis (
SpywareZapper ( — looks like it may be TZ Spyware Adware Remover
SpyWiper (
ssppyy pro (
TZ Spyware Adware Remover (
VBouncer/AdDestroyer (
Warnet (
XoftSpy ( – this may
be a SpyHunter clone
ZeroSpyware (
Soybouncer (

Misc. BS domains:

Rogue knockoffs:

BPS Spyware & Adware Remover ( — AdAware knockoff, uses hacked SpyBot db
SpyFerret ( — uses hacked SpyBot db
SpyGone ( — SpyBot S&D ripoff
SpywareNuker ( — uses hacked SpyBot db

busy but not forgotten

Sorry for the lack of updates, I really do mean to update this with some new research I’ve been working on. I’ve been quite busy with a number of other projects such as transferring about 40 hours of Square One TV to DVD, designing a database driven website for a customer, launching a non-profit organization, updating the blogging software on three sites, launching a new online community and a number of other things, you know besides the 40 hour a week job and living life. One day I will get around to updating this though. I do have pent up research on both VoIP systems and enterprise anti-spyware systems that merits articles.