Monthly Archives: July 2003

Packing and Prepping

I realize that it’s been far too long again since I’ve had a chance to blog at all. I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I’m still around and yes, I’m still extremely busy. I’ve been having a great time at my internship this summer (more on that at a later date) and am in the process of getting ready for our big family driving trip to Boston. We’ll be spending a few days in Iowa at a family reunion before heading East so if you’re in the West Bend, IA area be sure to say hi.

I’ll be writing a blog update every day; however, they may be posted in batches as internet access arrives. In fact, with my new bluetooth enabled cell phone I may attempt to post one from a moovign car actually driving down the freeway (while someone else is driving the car obviously). Stay tuned for further updates!