Monthly Archives: May 2002

cisco fun

let’s see, yeah i know i said i would try and get back to some more regular posting again, but duty calls and it looks like it will continue to call through the end of the school year which is another week and a half for me. let’s see if i can remember what’s been going on this week, this is a distinct disadvantage of having a low medium term memory and not blogging often enough 🙂

i think i got a lot of stuff done over the weekend, although not as much as i had planned, but i never get all of it done. in anyevent as of sunday i was feeling pretty good about that. of course there’s continuing and mounting pressure to pick a summer job, which isn’t getting easier the busier i get towards the end of the year, more on that later.

i eased into the week on monday with some bowling, at which i did simple terrible, i figgured out why on wednesday, more to come. monday night i had a wireless network class, they’re doing presentations on some chapters in the boook that’s going to be used next year, i got out of it since i know as much as i do and i know the prof. i get to rate groups and grill them afterwards with questions on their material, it might require less preparation, but it requires more knowledge.

tuesday i decided i was going to take my ccnp routing exam on wednesday night when i work in the telcom lab. we also did some more discussion on ethan frome in english class. we did some more work with integration in calc, i must say again calc is the easiest math class i’ve taken in a very long time. didn’t go to my routing class because my group is finished with all the labs.

wednesday started off with me doing very poorly in bowling again, then after a couple frames i realized that i was using the opposite side of my foot than usual to count off the boards and this was really screwing me up, after fixing that i did much much better. it started to get interesting when i headed off to work and to take my cisco exam, the testing server needed to be rebooted and was locked up for the night in another building so again, no exam. i was starting to think someone really didn’t want me to take this exam because this was the second time i had scheduled to take it and couldn’t and the third time i wanted to take it and it didn’t work out, i got permission to take it friday afternoon. otherwise it was a pretty slow night. when i got back from work i wasn’t feeling too hot thouhg, still not quite sure why., i wasn’t sick or anything, nor was i mad or sad, just like totally unfeeling which is unusual for me, i’m usually happy even if i’m in a bad mood, must have been something subliminal.

thursday was a good day because i found out that i did very very well on a test in energy tech, and i also had event tech (my new job for next fall) training which is really fun for me. we started integration by substitution in calc, which isn’t difficult, but is a little time consuming. i got to go back to the room and grab a bite to ea before heading to trainings. of couse we had to start with the boring stuff, procedures, policies and handbook material but then it got a little more interesting. they have a checklist of things you need to get signed off on before you can start working for them, well we started talking about some of the experiance i have with shows and equipment and we were able to check off more than half the list without getting up from the table. after that we walked around the building and looked at some of the room specific things which got another 1/4 of the list checked off, then we diceded to go home so we could save some of it for next time. all in all i think they’re more than a little impressed with my background and knowledge which can only be a good think, they’re also very thankful to have someone who really really knows what’s going on with them, i think it’ll be great working there.

that brings us to today, i got up, ate lunch and headed over to the telcom lab to take my cisco 640-503 routing exam, i was actually able to take it this time. i must say that partway through the exam i was worried about if i’d be able to pass it or not, but thankfully i did. in fact i scored 100% in two of the areas on the exam, my score was not as stellar as my CCNA score but still a lot better than other people taking this exam have been doing, so i felt really good about that and good about getting it done, it takes off a lot of pressure for me. right now, i’m sitting down at work in the campus lab, which is the job i’ll be leaving next semester to take the one at MSC, speaking of which i should get busy on letting them know i wn’t be back next semester. i also should probably work on some more letters to possible summer employers to see what they have open for positions. and then thier’s the matter of that last english paper for thursday, but maybe i’ll do that tomorrow instead.

speaking of tomorrow, i have lunch plans in Eau Claire with some friends from the cities that go to school there, it’ll be nice to see them again, i miss them a lot, i’ll let you know how it goes. turns out my sister won’t be coming to stay with me for the weekend because she’s working on a choir show in the cities, good for her, my people tell me she’s doing an excellent job at the light board. i think that’s it for now and again i hope to update a bit more frequently we’ll see if that actually happens or not as the year winds down here. well i should try and get some work done i suppose, although i doubt i’ll get much done.