Monthly Archives: December 2002

Surprise Email

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I got an email from one of my Telecommunications Professors today saying I should drop by his office to sign something. Having no idea what he had up his sleeve I decided to head over to Modern American Lit early and drop by his office. He wanted to get some club callsigns and needed a club officer to sign on the FCC request. So as of today I am the interim CEO of the UW-Stout Amateur Radio Club.

Let’s backtrack a little bit, as you know I finally got my ham radio licence in early November after meaning to do it for years. I bought a used Icom T7H handheld radio and dove right in to this thrilling hobby. Being a very experimental group of people hams have contributed to everything from telegraph to cell phone and computer technology, but I digress. Right now a hot item in the ham community is voice over the internet radio linking allowing two people on radios to talk around the country or world through the internet. After hearing about this on a repeater at home I talked a professor (and friend) of mine into buying a computer interface for a radio so we could experiment with it. The interface came at the beginning og the week and we’ve spent many days this week experimenting with it and we’ve been having a blast. In any event setting up an internet link and repeater here on a permanent basis is what led to forming the UW-Stout Amatuer Radio club today.

In other news I have passed another Cisco exam, the Remote Access certification, one step closer to the next level CCNP certification. I also plan to pick up a CWNA wireless certification over Christmas break as well as working at Light N Trax where I worked this summer. Yesterday I got a perfect on my Remote Access class practial lab final which was another good feeling. Now all I have left for homework this semester is a 10 page paper related to Richard Wright’s Native Son which is something I’m not looking forward to starting tomorrow. Anyway I’ll be sure to keep you apprised of my happenings as time permits.