Monthly Archives: June 2004

The Next Big Thing In Blogging Software

Note: After you finish reading this be sure to check out my year later followup to this article.

John Hiler has an excellent article on blogware at Microcontent News that has some good information about the history of blogging software. It also talks about some of the different software packages that you can use for blogging. Unfortuatly it was written in 2002 and a lot has changed since then. I hope to do an update of sorts with a little narrower focus on tools for a personal site. Owen also has a breakdown of the features of many content management systems but this is a lot of information. It’s great for looking at features, not so great for making a final decision.
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share the love

I do a lot, and I mean a lot of research on things. I’ve decided to start sharing some of that research here, as time allows, in the form of various articles and news bits you may find of interest if you want to stay up to date with various aspects and cool things you can do with technology. Look for the first article to be posted later tonight.

Webcam Lives Again

I’ve been really, really busy getting settled in back home for the summer and working on my internship, mode updates on all that at a later time. Because of my internship I was able to get a 3Com HomeConnect webcam that is compatible with my current OS so my webcam is back up. Click this link to check it out!