Monthly Archives: April 2004

one and only one

Tonight I went to a concert on campus. The first one (other than band and choir) I’ve gone to in my three and a half years here. This is because normally they get some really bad bands and a lot of bands that don’t appeal to me. Apparently they don’t appeal to many other students either because they usually get a terrible turnout for them. This one was different, over 500 tickets were sold. They weren’t all college students by any stretch of the imagination, but there were still a lot more college students than usually go to concerts on campus. I think this shows pretty well that the committee that selects the live music on campus has no idea what students want to hear. The students who want to hear the kind of music they bring to school are the ones who won’t show up, either because it’s school sponsored or because there’s no alcohol. In any event they just don’t get a turnout like this. So what was this hoppin’ band that everyone turned out to see? None other than the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Who says college students don’t appreciate real music?