Monthly Archives: November 2004

For those that haven’t seen…

First of all, if you’re not a regular PC Magazine reader (why not???) you may find it interesting to see I was mentioned in the Nov. 30, 2004 issue. The online version is finally availible so you can see it there. See, it does pay to write and to know people…

Additionally, if you are or know college students encourage them to check out the Facebook. It’s a great idea started by a few college kids who ran it out of a dorm room for sometime. A pictoral directory of college students sorted by school. You can search and find people you have something in common with (HS graduation, same dorm, same school, same major, etc) it’s a killer idea and is taking off really quickly! This can be seen in the fact that site response times are steadily getting worse. Here’s hoping that the internet pipe to the site gets bigger soon! This is social networking working the way orkut should be but isn’t. Check it out!

Patrick Norton’s Non-Existant Blog

I get a LOT of hits from people looking for Patrick Norton’s blog. Google searches for “Patrick Norton Blog” almost continually show up in my stats.

For those looking: Patrick does not have a blog, website, or public email address. I do a lot of technology research and reading so I do run across articles written by Patrick on a fairly regular basis. For those that don’t know, Patrick is currently working as a freelance writer and has had articles on ExtremeTech, CNet and in PC World. Because of the apparent interest in Patrick’s work I will continue to post places where his work appears as I run across them or they are sent to me.

Extra Alert: For those that missed it, Patrick had an “Avoiding Spyware” article on ExtremeTech in September.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Are you in?

I’ve been pretty busy as of late and have had a few ideas for blog entries but just haven’t had the time to make one. As the increasing piles of paper on my desk attest I still don’t have the time. I do collect the ideas though and someday they will get written!

That brings me to the real reson for this entry. For those that don’t know already I’ll be graduating from college in December. Earlier this semester I made an application to the University of Minnesota for graduate studies. At this time I’m thrilled to annouce that I was recently accepted to the M.Ed. Industrial (technical) Education program! I’ll be starting January 18 and look forward to the new challenges this opportunity affords me.