Patrick Norton’s Non-Existant Blog

I get a LOT of hits from people looking for Patrick Norton’s blog. Google searches for “Patrick Norton Blog” almost continually show up in my stats.

For those looking: Patrick does not have a blog, website, or public email address. I do a lot of technology research and reading so I do run across articles written by Patrick on a fairly regular basis. For those that don’t know, Patrick is currently working as a freelance writer and has had articles on ExtremeTech, CNet and in PC World. Because of the apparent interest in Patrick’s work I will continue to post places where his work appears as I run across them or they are sent to me.

Extra Alert: For those that missed it, Patrick had an “Avoiding Spyware” article on ExtremeTech in September.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. I miss Patrick Norton and Leo Laporte! 🙁 BRING BACK THE REAL TECHTV!!!!

  2. I agree.. i miss pat and leo.. and sometimes even dvorak..g4/techtv is a joke.. the amount of tech they talk about would only fill a thimble halfway. Its really dissapointing to loose a real tech resource to a station that cares more about hairstyles than about content.

  3. TechTV Canada has Leo … but Patrick is MIA … I have been enjoying Leos radio show from KPI by downloading the MP3s and putting them on my iPod.

    BTW … Great blog.

  4. PAT has a new BLOG!

    It’s very new, but he is finally on the net.


  5. Yes, an outlet from the last remaining part of the good old TSS. G4 will never be able to make anything that can compare to what TSS on TechTV was.
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