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so little time

forget what i said ablout blogging today, it’s not going to happen got to finish packing and head to the airport very soon, but wehen i get back remind me to tell y’all the story about the garage door! don’t miss me too much

later kids!

more tomorrow

it’s late, i have to get up tomorow so i’ll keep it short and blog tomorrow before I fly out of town, then silence for a week… but i’ll have lots to say and hopefully some beautiful pictures when i get back.

sammydman wants to know how i got webcam32 to show the time in 12 hour format well… this is my caption text:
Ben’s Cam | %a, %b %d %Y | %I:%M:%S %p CST
so “%I:%M:%S %p CST” gives you the time in 12 hour format, I think I had to look up the settings in the manual and figure that all out on my own, it’s much nicer though…

ok kids, gotta get some sleep now, see you tomorrow!

wonderful wednesday

i rather liked today, it seemed like a nice realxing but productive day, you know, the kind you wish you could have all the time. bowling was fun but it’s been so long hehe i’ve got a lof of work to do to get my score up where it should be. history’s always a fun class for me, but i was also pleased to see our test had been pushed back an extra week so i don’t have to make it up me being gone next week and all.

leoville also seemed to have a calmness abouyt it today, not insanely busy or particulairly slow. in fact i even got a big chunk of an english paper written tonoght at work and i’m feeling good about that.

i’m getting excited about going home and going on the cruise next weekend, alsthough i still have to pack tonight, or more likely sometime tomorrow. let’s see in other news i bought another broadcast quality tv camera today, i think i’m going to sell the sony dxc 3000, and buy a jvc ky-27u instead, ahh the joys of ebay!

i guess i should go to bed i need to get up earlier than usual for thursdays tomorrow to go schedule a makeup time for an energy quiz tomorrow, i’m also getting just a lil’ sleepy

Music: John Denver – Sunshine on My Shoulders
Mood: optimistic

tuesdays, tuesdays, oh how i hate tuesdays

what was I going to do again? ahh yes explain why tuesdays are so dreadfull. let’s see i have to get up early (for me) for work at 7, work is fun it’s just the getting up part, then class class and some more class until 4:30 then a brief interlude and then back for some more class from 6 until 10:00; yeah i have to tape tss on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays and watch the tape… in any event it gets to be a really long day which is pretty rough on me.

better news today though is that i got back an english midterm and got a high score of the class with 98/100; also got back a energy technology test 38/40 which was also the class high score. those made my tuesday much better than usual.

lets see what else hrmm i should probably do some homework but i have to get up a little earlier than i’m used to tomorrow for bowling class, yeah i know i know, but still it’s my precious sleeping time and i still have to get ahead on my homework for next week we’ll see how much of that actually gets done before i leave. i suppose i should get off to bed really though since that way i won’t have to think about my english paper that i should write before i leave for another day…

heres a word for the day: “mehyy” i have no idea what it means, rachel used it the other day and i asked what it meant but she was evasive, i tried iming her about it, but she was evasive then as well, hrmm perhaps you have an idea on what it is? post a comment!

back to the grindstone

ahh the first day back at school after vacation, surprisingly I had little trouble getting up in the morning, I actually got up quite a bit before I needed to. I started a quarter class today, bowling, doesn’t seem like it will be to difficult but it will suck more of my precious time away, ahh well what can I do about it. History wan’t very exciting either, as I listened and took notes I still had time to post at leoville… I made Council member today, this was exciting for me I think I like to be looked up upon as an elder or knowledgeable person perhaps its part of what drives my thirst for knowledge. of course i got some leisure reading in today as well, finished off Tom Swift and His Talking Pictures, very interesting how Victor Appleton fortold widespread television use when he wrote it in 1928.

what else, oh yeah i read ahead a bunch in english, started and finished a book called The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstien. if you haven’t read it go buy it and read it tomorrow, it’s not very long and really touched me, more than anything i’ve read in a long time. i told megan from tss about it when i IMed with her briefly tonight, she hadn’t heard of it which is surprising ’cause shes sort of a bookworm too. hopefully she’ll take my advice and read it.

life is so stressful sometimes and so rewarding others, often both at the same time, if only i could bottle up the moments of joy and save them for all time, i guess thats what memories are for…

i also got a calc test back today, not as good as i had hoped, made some stupid mistakes but still a 46/51. i think its the easiest math class i’ve had in years.

well i suppose one more leoville check tonight then off to bed, uggh tuesdays i hate tuesdays have to get up so early and stay up so late, well i’ll have to tell you about that tomorrow.

either no one reads this (oh well), no one cares (apathetic people, ergh!), or no one knows, you can comment on my rantings using the ./talk() link above and to the right of the post…

blog set up

finished setting up my blog tonight, let me know what you think about the design scheme, i still need a logo, too bad I have no graphic design abilities, or time to do one, we’ll see what happens. i drove back to school today since i’ll only be here for four days before i head home for the family vacation, i should probably do my cisco quiz and some lit reading now…fun stuff