back to the grindstone

ahh the first day back at school after vacation, surprisingly I had little trouble getting up in the morning, I actually got up quite a bit before I needed to. I started a quarter class today, bowling, doesn’t seem like it will be to difficult but it will suck more of my precious time away, ahh well what can I do about it. History wan’t very exciting either, as I listened and took notes I still had time to post at leoville… I made Council member today, this was exciting for me I think I like to be looked up upon as an elder or knowledgeable person perhaps its part of what drives my thirst for knowledge. of course i got some leisure reading in today as well, finished off Tom Swift and His Talking Pictures, very interesting how Victor Appleton fortold widespread television use when he wrote it in 1928.

what else, oh yeah i read ahead a bunch in english, started and finished a book called The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstien. if you haven’t read it go buy it and read it tomorrow, it’s not very long and really touched me, more than anything i’ve read in a long time. i told megan from tss about it when i IMed with her briefly tonight, she hadn’t heard of it which is surprising ’cause shes sort of a bookworm too. hopefully she’ll take my advice and read it.

life is so stressful sometimes and so rewarding others, often both at the same time, if only i could bottle up the moments of joy and save them for all time, i guess thats what memories are for…

i also got a calc test back today, not as good as i had hoped, made some stupid mistakes but still a 46/51. i think its the easiest math class i’ve had in years.

well i suppose one more leoville check tonight then off to bed, uggh tuesdays i hate tuesdays have to get up so early and stay up so late, well i’ll have to tell you about that tomorrow.

either no one reads this (oh well), no one cares (apathetic people, ergh!), or no one knows, you can comment on my rantings using the ./talk() link above and to the right of the post…

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