tuesdays, tuesdays, oh how i hate tuesdays

what was I going to do again? ahh yes explain why tuesdays are so dreadfull. let’s see i have to get up early (for me) for work at 7, work is fun it’s just the getting up part, then class class and some more class until 4:30 then a brief interlude and then back for some more class from 6 until 10:00; yeah i have to tape tss on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays and watch the tape… in any event it gets to be a really long day which is pretty rough on me.

better news today though is that i got back an english midterm and got a high score of the class with 98/100; also got back a energy technology test 38/40 which was also the class high score. those made my tuesday much better than usual.

lets see what else hrmm i should probably do some homework but i have to get up a little earlier than i’m used to tomorrow for bowling class, yeah i know i know, but still it’s my precious sleeping time and i still have to get ahead on my homework for next week we’ll see how much of that actually gets done before i leave. i suppose i should get off to bed really though since that way i won’t have to think about my english paper that i should write before i leave for another day…

heres a word for the day: “mehyy” i have no idea what it means, rachel used it the other day and i asked what it meant but she was evasive, i tried iming her about it, but she was evasive then as well, hrmm perhaps you have an idea on what it is? post a comment!

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