wonderful wednesday

i rather liked today, it seemed like a nice realxing but productive day, you know, the kind you wish you could have all the time. bowling was fun but it’s been so long hehe i’ve got a lof of work to do to get my score up where it should be. history’s always a fun class for me, but i was also pleased to see our test had been pushed back an extra week so i don’t have to make it up me being gone next week and all.

leoville also seemed to have a calmness abouyt it today, not insanely busy or particulairly slow. in fact i even got a big chunk of an english paper written tonoght at work and i’m feeling good about that.

i’m getting excited about going home and going on the cruise next weekend, alsthough i still have to pack tonight, or more likely sometime tomorrow. let’s see in other news i bought another broadcast quality tv camera today, i think i’m going to sell the sony dxc 3000, and buy a jvc ky-27u instead, ahh the joys of ebay!

i guess i should go to bed i need to get up earlier than usual for thursdays tomorrow to go schedule a makeup time for an energy quiz tomorrow, i’m also getting just a lil’ sleepy

Music: John Denver – Sunshine on My Shoulders
Mood: optimistic


  1. Leoville was kinda slow today, but a nice change; usually everyone is posting faster than I can read them! Cool blog, where’s the cruise? Ya sound like an extremely busy person. Bowling’s pretty cool, I used to play a lot just for fun.

  2. bussy busy, let’s just say it’ll be a while before I do another 19 credit semester… Isn’t Leoville just nuts! I think the speed things happen there is amazing, at least there aren’t ans many posts per day as there were right away when we switched to the new board. The cruise is Mexico and Key West, more info on that in Leoville 🙂