Pebble Town

Saturday July 20, 2002 – Today was a pretty uneventful day. We got up about 8:30 and had a light breakfast at the hotel and headed toward Carmel, CA. We got to Carmel earlier than we had anticipated because we didn’t spend the extra half-day in Santa Cruz. We first stopped to take the 17 Mile drive around the Pebble Beach area which was quite a scenic drive that highlighted some of the Northern California coastline. We headed down to Carmel for an hour and a half; it’s a quaint though expensive seaside town. I think although it would be a great place to go for a fall-like romantic weekend, it’s really not the place for a family. After walking around town there for a while and getting a snack at the local bakery we decided to head further down the coast to San Luis Obispo and cancel our reservations in Salinas. Unfortunately, after driving about an hour and a half down highway one on the coast we found out we were unable to cancel our reservations in Salinas so we had to drive all the way back up the coast to Salinas. We arrive in Salinas just in time to go to church. After church we checked into our hotel for the night and got some dinner at Margie’s Diner which had enormous portions and some great home cooked food. We got back to the hotel where Noah and Josie took a swim and then we all watched the end of Diamonds Are Forever on ABC. Tomorrow we’re driving farther down the coast to San Luis Obispo where we’re planning to spend the night, since I haven’t heard what time we’re getting up yet I should probably think about heading to bed soon. I think I’ve decided that other than the redwood forests and San Francisco the Northern Coastline of California is not the best place for families as most of the beauty is found in the scenic drives and walking around small seaside towns, not things that the youngest people appreciate so much.

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