On the roof again, just can’t wait to get on the roof again

Yesterday after our local Saturday morning ham radio get together a few of us decided to get our repeater’s antenna outside to try and get our coverage increased in the area. We’ve been waiting for months to get a hole drilled in the penthouse wall so we can get the antenna out on the roof, but it still hasn’t been done. Hoping to get a temporary solution in place we bought a jumbo size stoarge tote and put all the elecronics gear inside of it and just put it out on the roof. I climbed up the roof tower, mounted the antenna on our tower and ran a feedline down to our tub o’ electronics. Afterwards we took a ride around the couty to see how our coverage had improved, though it’s much much better than it was it still needs a little work, we now cover the entire town though.

In the evening I baked some frozen dough sweet rolls I had purchased earlier in the week. I finished studying for another professional certification test scheduled for Monday while they were baking. I also went out on my weekly grocery shopping trip and picked up the neccecities for college life including a wide selection of pears (my fruit of the week).

This morning I got up and did some more reading for my SCUBA class and did my laundry. Early in the afternoon I headed out for a Sunday matinee performance of Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas, preformed by University Theater. I’m just about ready to write my performance analysis paper for my theater class now. It’s an epsodic play as opposed to the climactic style you usually see performed. It takes a look at a typical day in a small Welsh fishing village and once you get over it being episodic rather than climactic it is quite a fun play to watch.

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