Internal Email

Another quick note… You may also find it interesting to hear that I’ve moved my email hosting to a server here at home. I was having too many problems with the uptime from my hosting providor (they have great web service, but not so great email) so I woke up on Saturday and decided enough was enough (it had been down most of the week) and I had recently received an old Dell PowerEdge 4200 Series Server which I had installed Debian/GNU Linux and the Postfix MTA on. It took most of the day to get it up and running to my satisfaction (including installing SpamAssassin and some other goodies) but I’m much happier now , and as an added bonus I now have a backup MX in case my connection goes down (I have a mutual backup MX with a company who I did some work for) and I have total control over the system including SpamAssassin settings.

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