and the music plays

Update on the Battle of the bands!
I got to listen to eight bands play tonight the names are:
Bahookie Jacobs
Fetal Funk Bass 3000
Organized Dysfunction
Throw the Fight
Yak Farm and the Atomic Downbeats
Drafting Room

They ranged from very good to pretty bad and represented a wide spectrum of music; however, there are three that I would enjoy hearing again:
Bahookie Jacobs – your typical jam band with fairly good musicians and lyrics
Yak Farm… – Instrumentalists
Prihoda – Included a great lead singer and flutist

In other news: It’s the top of the 11th in the Boston/NYY game and the score is tied 5-all. Personally I’m rooting for Boston. After the Twins were eliminated I was really looking for a Cubs/Boston series, but even with that no longer a possibility I think it would be great fun to see Boston win a series for a change. Anyone but the Yankees…

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