Darci, Kevin, Yoshi and Becky oh my!

Saturday, January 10, 2004 – I got up this morning and made the trip down the strip and over to the convention center in time to meet Vinny and Minnie at the TechTV booth; of course they were late and missed Leo, but Vinny did have a chance to say hi to Becky and Yoshi, also we all got free TechTV books and signatures. At noon we were going to head over to hear Leo’s KFI broadcast but we couldn’t find the booth. We went so far as to call KFI and ask for directions, they told us they didn’t know where he was but “it shouldn’t be that hard to find someone with a microphone and an intercom doing a broadcast” obviously they have no idea what CES is about. After getting directions from Yoshi and still coming up without finding the booth we eventually got to a kiosk with internet access, hopped in the KFI irc chat room to see if anyone there knew where to go, but no one there did either. After much searching we finally located the phone booth sized broadcast room that Leo was using. Walking by the door Leo waved us in and we got to see a little bit of Leo in action before clearing out to make room for some of the actual show guests. We do plan to drop by again tomorrow with Darci and Kevin to give a shout out to Leo. Of course the best part was watching John C. Dvorak load his rolling backpack up with pop from the broadcast area before leaving after his segment. After we dropped by the KFI broadcast we headed past the CEA stage where TechTV was going their “Best of CES” awards where we said hi to Robert the “TechTV lab rat” before continuing upstairs to the PC Magazine “Last Gadget Standing” competition. This is what the “Best of CES” award should have been. The meeting room was packed with journalists and companies giving brief timed product demos (we got to see some cool up and coming technologies, especially relating to mobile video devices) and then the audience voted on their favorites. Just as the voting was finishing up Darci and Kevin gave us a call and we left to meet up with them. Our first stop was a drive by at the TechTV booth where we took a great picture of Darci and Kevin in the cutout poster. After picking up some beverages we continued on to the second level of the South hall where most of the IT gadgets are. We cruised the floor for a while looking for wireless and VoIP technologies but were unable to find very many (I expected to see more VoIP and wireless technologies here.) Our next stop was going to be Woz’s suite in the Hilton but when Kevin called him we learned that he was on his way to LA to see his daughter so we decided to pack it in for the day and meet tomorrow at Leo’s radio show. After we left Darci and Kevin we headed over to Minnie’s ordered in some dinner and had a great time just sitting around and shooting the breeze. After a few hours Vinny brought me back to the hotel where I’m planning to get some sleep (imagine that!) before I get up early in the morning to move down the strip to the MGM Grand for tomorrow night.

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