three useful sites: bootdisk creation, XP slipstreaming and isp mailserver setup

If you’re looking for a great way to make modular bootdisk or DOS utility CD-ROMs there is a wealth of information at and which I have been using at work the past few days to make an all-purpose utility cd including Drive Image, Partition Magic, HDD Utils and more. I’ve spent hours writing scripts for this cd but it really is a great way to do it and the finished product is very slick.

If you’re interested in slipstreaming the latest patches into a Windows XP CD check out XPCREATE from which I have been using at home and at work with great success, it does the major service packs AND the hotfixes so you don’t have a bunch of Windows Updates to do right out of the box. Systems also are usually more stable if you slipstream updates rather than patch them later on.

If you’re interested in setting up a very scalable mail server solution using Debian, Postfix, mySQL and SASL auth for sending mail check out which has some great information. The default installation is pretty basic but it can easily be expanded to make it easier to use and administrate.

that’s all for now folks!

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