Inherited Systems

I was recently given an old Sun SparcStation by a former collegue and know that I want to use it to manage my Linux servers from my desk. I’m also interested in using it as an Xserver (which is really a client, confusing I know) for some graphical applications. Being an Linux believer I would prefer to do this with Linux as opposed to Solaris. While searching the web I found these sites to be of use and made these notes:

SuSE supposedly supports SPARC. It appears such support has been discontinued in newer versions of SuSE. Of course Debian supports nearly everything but I don’t really want to mess around with a full distro for such a simple project.

UltraLinux is a SPARC based distro

TLDP (The Linux Documentation Project) has a SPARC HOWTO

The Linux Terminal Server Project supports SPARC

A specific howto for getting the LTSP to work with SPARC

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