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A DOS World

Occasionally you need to boot into DOS when working on an older computer and it’s handy to recover files by saving them to a network server. Some time ago I found that this site does a good job of explaining the various methods of accessing and sharing files between DOS systems and CIFS/SMB (eg. Windows Filesharing) systems.

Another common problem when doing advanced things such as networking in DOS is that you’ll run out of the 640k of conventional memory DOS can access. This site is a good resource to look at when you need to squeeze a few more things into that space.

Windows Printer Notification

Once upon a time (ok, it was April) I needed to know how to enable and disable those little popup balloons you get in Windows XP when tou send a print job to a network printer. Eventually I found these two Microsoft KnowledgeBase articles explaining the process. This one does it with a checkbox which doesn’t always work and this one with a registry hack.