New Contact Numbers

In the past month I’ve finally had some time to work on some VoIP projects. As a result contact information for myself is outdated. You should be able to reach me at any of the following numbers.
360-515-4126 (Seattle, WA local call)
845-839-8607 (New York, NY)
(+44)-0844-986-3094 (London, United Kingdom)
(+39)-06-452-216-692 (Rome, Italy)
866-267-0103 (Toll-Free in the lower 48 of the US)
952-960-2528 (Minneapolis, MN local call)

These numbers should all try to locate me at home or via VoIP on the road, otherwise they’ll send you to my voicemail. The numbers are roughly in the order I prefer them to be called. For example, if you have free long distance use the Seattle or New York numbers, if you’re overseas use one of the London or Rome numbers and if you’re in the lower 48 use the toll-free number, as a last resort use the Minneapolis number as it’s the most expensive to receive calls on. In addition I’m accessible on the follwoing VoIP networks: IAXtel (1-700-333-7526) and Free World Dialup (265630).

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