VoIP and Conferencing

I’ve been working on my Asterisk server again cleaning up the configuration and peering with various VoIP services so today I signed up for the Gizmo project. Gizmo is a lot like Skype in that it provides an easy way for the VoIP novice to get online, chat with friends and make and receive calls from the phone network. A big reason I like Gizmo much more is that Gizmo is based on the open SIP protocol which means it’s easily interfacable with Asterisk and other VoIP devices. Be sure to check it out.

While I was setting up the Gizmo account I also ran across the FreeConferenceCall site. My guess is the free service gives you a long distance number to call in while the paid service gives you a toll-free number but it’s still a cool idea and a nice way to get a big conference call going, especially with those free nights and weekends on your cell phone plan. They also have a way to dial in via Gizmo (and thus any SIP client) so you can get free access that way too.

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