Controversial Internet Humor

If you’re not upset with raw language and enjoy quirky internet humor be sure to check out “The Best Page In The Universe“. This website run by self-congratulatory webmaster George Ouzounian (Maddox) is full of satire bound to upset and offend just about everyone. At least he offers equal opportunity offense. Originating from a 1997 list of 50 things he hates the site has grown to include such diatribes as “The most expensive $94 Orbitz will ever make” or “Star Wars Episode III: a steaming pile of Sith”.

The site is so popular it has spawned a fan page, aptly named “The Second Best Page In The Universe“, a Mothers Against Maddox hate site and even a Wikipedia entry. Controversy surrounding the site has led to it being blocked by several countries and the Websense filtering program. Of course Maddox takes this all in stride. A true internet ledgend. Now, if only I could find a folk song about Maddox and his site.

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