File Synchronization

For years I’ve recommended using Second Copy to automatically synchronize folders and save backup copies of files. A typical installation would be for copying off nightly backups of a user’s documents and profile from a laptop to a network share. If you’re looking for a freeware alternative you might take a look at SyncBack Freeware from 2BrightSparks Software. You’ll have to scroll past the paid version to find the freeware version, but it is availible.

If you’re a little more the doit yourself type I would check out Unison File Synchronizer which is what I use myself these days. It’s a lot like rsync in that it only transfers the smallest portion of a file it can. Unlike rsync there is an easy to install Windows port of Unison which is a great benefit if you’re working in a mixed Win32/*NIX environment. Unison also has fantastic scripting support making it the best bet if you have the time and technical inclination to set that up.

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