Who’s afraid of the big bad record companies?

If you’re an artist you should be! In a time not so long ago pretty much all local bands wanted to get “signed” by one of the big record companies. They seemed to feal these “deals” would get them notoriety and/or make them wealthy performers. All to many of those that did get “deals” ended up poor and unknown while the record executives wallpapered their offices with money.

Thanks to the internet independant artists can have a fighting chance on their own. The possibility of making it big without one of the record companies, if you have talent anyway, is not all that remote. Today one of the best things that could happen to a local band that is good, at least in my opinion, is to be turned down for a record contract and have to go it alone. I’m just waiting for the first wildly successful “viral” marketed band to sweep the nation. I feel we are now on the verge of this great accomplishment. The first few bands to make it big this way are likely to be picked up by one of the big companies which is too bad for them. Eventually someone will be smart enough not to let this happen and know that they have enough marketing capital to go it alone and in the process become much more wealthy. I wait paitently for that day and will not morn the passing of the record companies into the annals of history.

For more on the atrocities committed by the recording industry see “Courtney Love Does The Math” by Cournet Love and “The Problem With Music” by Steve Albini. These two provocative essays written by music industry insiders will give you a deeper understanding of how the present music industry works and a new appreciation for the hardships faced by artists once they make a deal with a record company.

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