Synchronizing Thunderbird and Pocket PC

One of the things I’ve missed out on by using the fantastic Mozilla Thunderbird email client has been the ability for me to synchronize it with my PocketPC. Because I use an IMAP email server this didn’t really present a problem as far as email goes but it has left me dead in the water for a calendaring solution.

For a while I tried using the calendar solely on my PocketPC but because I don’t have my PocketPC with me everywhere I go that didn’t last very long. In the end I resorted to using a great open source php web-based calendar program. This allowed me to access the calendar from anywhere and sync it with calendar programs on my PC using the iCal standard. Unfortunatly the PocketPC doesn’t support iCal syncing so again I was dead in the water and could only use the calendar when I had web access.

Recently I ran across the open source FinchSync project which claims to be “a tool for synchronizing contacts, appointments and tasks from Mozilla email and calendar products with a Pocket PC or SmartPhone”. While I’ve been too busy to get it up and running it yet looks like a promising solution that might actually allow me to use my PocketPC device as a calendar which would come in handy from time to time. FinchSync is cross platform and allows syncing over IP so you don’t even need to be running it on the PC you normally dock the PocketPC device with.

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