TV for IT

I was recently introduced by friends to the British sitcom “The IT Crowd“. This is quite a funny show appealing to both technically inclined and normal people. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve found a sitcom that is as fun as this. So far only one short season (6 episodes) have aired in the UK and later in Australia but more have been filmed and will be shown this spring.

In doing a little research I found out that NBC is actually planning to bring this to the US. Hopefully, they do a good job and retain some of the trademark British quirkyness. I’d like it if someone would show the British episodes in the US as well. The first season is out on DVD (including some nifty extras such as l33t sp33k subtitles) but there are two problems. The first is obviously region encoding, but that’s easy enough to get around; the second which is a bit more challenging (especially when you want to reatin the extra features) is the encoding for the PAL standard. Hopefully someone can make these available in the US as well!

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