cj, reading and more

i posted some videos earlier you’re probably wondering what they have to do with anything. i’ll tell ya they are from a High School chor show called Current Jam in Edina, MN. I am a technical person for the show and it’s coming up in the end of may so i’m starting to get a little excited. in fact it’s part of the reason i bought the broadcast video cameras recently. so if i mention it you know what it is now.

i got some reading for a cisco class done today, that’s about it i have to get more done tomorrrow. i’ve also come up with some more projects for myself. i’m going to come up with a list of favorite movies, books and plays. i have a lot more projects in my head too, we’ll see how many i can pull off and how long it takes though.

in other news i got to talk to a friend, julie, who i haven’t had a chance to in quite a while, although it was short it was nice to hear from her again. man it was nice outside today! i had my window open all day and went out for a while, it was nice we might make it to 70 by monday.

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