everything is hot hot hot

i got a number of things crossed off my to do list this weekend and today, but there’s still much to do. my wireless class paper is done and turned in, we’ve started a new unit in history and are about to wrap up all our classroom sessions for bowling class. this weekend was beautiful, but nothing like today. we go up to at least 91 here today, which is amazing, it han’t been that hot since august and we shattered all previous records. spring has truly sprung now and although it will be cooler the rest of the week, that’s ok and it’s still so beautiful out.

tomorrow i need to decide if i’m ready to take the next exam in my cisco certification series. the ccnprouting exam will be offered tomorrow evening, otherwise i’ll probably wait a few weeks and do some more studying. we’ll see, but i think i’ll go for it.

the warm weather is reminding me of all the fun of summer, including current jam, which i love. i had so much fun today just thinking about how much fun it’ll be again. of course i have yet to decide on a firm plan for a summer job yet, i’ve sent off a couple resumes to places, but don’t have definate plans yet.

i will say publicly(sp?) for the first time that i’ll be on vacation in San Francisco this summer, probably sometime around the end of july. i’d like to spend some time with the techtv crew when i’m there, we’ll see how that all plays out, i’m still waiting for definitive dates in SF before contacting anyone there.

happy tax day everyone!

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