organized tornado

i’m at work in the campus lab tonight, i close so i’m here until midnight and don’t have a lot to do, there’s only one guy here right now so i said to myself, i should blog.

thursday started off with a bang, or a siren as it may be. i was awoken at 5:15am by the tonado siren going off, there was a radar indicated tornado north of town. well i was bout the only one who got up right away. i grabbed my keys and phone and ran down to the first floor door (i’m on third) to check out the action, wasn’t much to see, eventually i heard the RA get up on second floor and pound on all their doors and a couple minutes later about 3 of them went down to the basement. the tornado stayed north of town heading westward and the warning expired at 5:45, when i went back up to my room i did see one other guy on the floor up on the phone but all the excitement (or lack there of) was over anyway. my newest inoformation says it touched down north of town, but i haven’t been able to verify that yet. if you’re bored sometime ask me to tell the camping tornado story.

the rest of the day was very blah, i had a little time getting back to sleep and maybe that was it, bu i had little energy the rest of the day. my calc test was the hardest one yet, i’m mildly concerned about it (i don’t get very concerned ever really) but i did very well on all our other tests and quizzes so it shouldn’t bother much. thurday night i got copies of all the mass choir songs for current jam this year, so i’ve been listening to those today getting a feel for them.

that brings us to today i guess. i slept in, or tried to, the semis kept backing up outside my window all morning (neert, neert, neert) so it was a little difficult but i made it until 10ish. i had basically nothing to do (well, homework of course but i can do that at work) so i made it one of my organizing days, got all the paper off my desk and filed away, cleaned my computer dektop off and fixed the ID3 tags, filenames and level gain of all my MP3s (not a small task). after lunch i decided to do something i had seen about a job as an event technician on campus for the fall. i think i’ll be leaving the big campus lab and working for the telecom lab and doing the event tech thing next semester. anyway, i intorduced myself and asked if they’d like to see a demo tape of some shows i’ve done. they were taken aback (hehe) and basically hired me sight unseen, they are pretty desperate for techs i guess, and i think i’ll enjoy it a lot. i got to meet some of the student managers and they were really nice people, i’m scheduled to meet with them again next thursday and friday. i think this will be lots of fun, i’ve missed doing lighting and sound this year. so then i went back to my room, worked on my MP3s some more and had dinner. i saw the first half hour of the screen savers and then headed to work, i taped the rest and can’t wait to get home and check out yosi’s box.

that just about bring you all up to date with my happenings, i hope i didn’t bore you too much! i should read some Ethan Frome for english now, or do some other homework, but i suppose i’ll browse around on the net some more first. later guys!

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