The Warner Brothers

Tuesday July 22, 2002 – We got up about eight today and had a small continental breakfast in the café adjoining the hotel. We were soon packed and headed south along the Pacific Coast Highway to Beverly Hills, CA where Josie got out and took some pictures of Rodeo Drive. After a brief stop there we continued on to Hollywood, CA where we parked and got out and looked at the sidewalk prints in front of the Chinese Theater, I took a picture of Sean Connery’s prints. We walked a few blocks to a Hollywood history museum where we got to walk through some of the original Star Trek set and the Cheers set as well as look at a variety of movie and TV props from many eras. We didn’t stick around there too long because we had to grab some lunch quickly and head to Warner Brothers Studio for a 3:00 VIP studio tour. We arrived and got our passes, rode a shuttle to the tour office and watched a brief history of the Warner Brothers Studios. After that we got to walk through a Warner Brothers on site museum that had artifacts out on display without cases from all sorts of classic Warner Brother’s films and actors as well as a Harry Potter artifacts exhibit. After we finished looking at the exhibits they took us around to a few of the soundstages seeing the Friends set as well as some of the Gillmore Girls interior set. We were unable to see the West Wing set because they had started taping today. We also got to see a number of their exterior sets, which we were able to take pictures of. Many of these have been reused for a number of pictures from The Music Man to Gillmore Girls, Batman, ER and more. We also got a close up look at their old west set and Sherwood Forest from Robin Hood. After our tour finished we found our hotel and just rested for a bit before finding a local rib place for dinner. We had a great time at dinner, probably one of our best, the atmosphere was perfect and their was a house magician to entertain us while our food was being prepared. Now we’re getting ready for bed because we want to try and avoid the traffic into LA tomorrow morning when we have to start heading for home. After a bit of discussion it seems like we’re planning to get home sometime Friday evening or night as opposed to Saturday, this means some longer days and not seeing a whole lot on the way back, but it’s going to be good to be home again.

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