Malibu Sun

Monday July 22, 2002 – We got up a little later today. After packing up Papa and I went to wash the car at a manual car wash which I haven’t done before and got quite a thrill from doing, puts you more in touch with the car I’d say. Afterwards we picked up Mom, Josie and Noah from downtown San Louis Obispo and checked out of the hotel, picking up Anna there. We all headed out to the Apple Farm restaurant for breakfast which was a charming place and had pretty good breakfast food and bakery items as well. After we looked around, and Mom shopped, there we headed back south on US 101 to Malibu which took quite a while even though the mileage wasn’t that far. Along the way I chose to watch Gone In 60 Seconds which takes place in California. When we got to Malibu we checked into our hotel and changed into swimsuits to head down to the beach. Noah and Josie really went out and played in the waves but the rest of us did get a little wet watching, we just didn’t go all the way in. After we finished playing at the beach for a while Noah and Josie went for a swim at the hotel and the rest of us took showers while Papa explored the town a little bit. After we all got cleaned up we went out for dinner to a local Italian place, they didn’t have the best food but the atmosphere was great. Tomorrow we need to get started a bit earlier we’re planning to see the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank and drive around Hollywood a bit before we spend the night in Burbank. Well I should be going because we do want to get started earlier than we have been tomorrow.


  1. Actually surfing for info about Malibu the city, then I found this place, life is funny 🙂

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