from the mountains to the valleys to the plains

Thursday July 25, 2002 – I got up today about eight in the morning; we didn’t really have a breakfast at the hotel and were on our way by nine towards Denver. We stopped for brunch after about two hours. The views along the interstate in Colorado are really breathtaking. Streams and rivers run with the interstate winding between the rocky peaks of the mountains. In some places massive tunnels were bored through the mountains to allow for speedy passage on the interstate. The mountains here are covered in trees like none of the others we’ve seen on this trip. We continued to listen to our tape about the building of the transcontinental railroad which was even more fascinating considering the great mountains right in front of us. We watched Ocean’s 11 first and then after another break Anna watched Bed of Roses which I thought was a good story although it might have been cast better. Once we got near Denver the mountains disappeared and gave way to great plains as we turned North on interstate 76 we also changed drivers Mom taking over for Papa. Once we got to North Platte, NE we stopped for dinner and had some great authentic Nebraska steaks. After dinner we changed drivers to me and continued along interstate 80 East, the same route we drove out two weeks ago. In Nebraska after dinner we hit our first serious rain on the trip, there were a number of thunderstorms rolling across the plains tonight and we hit them one after another as we pressed on, aiming for Grand Island, about 100 miles from Lincoln, NE. I enjoy driving at night and in the rain so it didn’t bother me at all, though I think it made Papa just a bit anxious. While I drove through the rain and just contemplated life everyone in the back was watching The Final Countdown. We made it to Grand Island and found a hotel taking the last two available rooms for the six of us and are preparing to finish the trek home tomorrow morning.

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