Home Again, Home Again

Friday July 26, 2002 – I got up about eight fifteen this morning and we left the hotel without breakfast by nine intending to make it home today. Our first movie of the day was chosen by Josie who selected On the Line which has a couple of the ‘NSYNC kids in it. I found the entire movie highly amusing. We finished up our tape on the building of the transcontinental railroad and stopped for lunch once we got into Iowa a little bit. When we got close to Des Moines my Dad let my Mom take over driving and I started watching our final movie Antitrust. This is a movie I really like, as good as the story is I also get a good kick out of the fun they poke at Microsoft. After we finished that I listened to some music and read more in my CWNA book. After a while everyone else started watching two Gilmore Girl’s episodes but I continued with my reading and music. Once we got to Albert Lea, MN we stopped for some gas and ice cream cones and I took over driving. This is at least the second road trip where I’ve driven the final stretch home and I enjoy doing it, getting into familiar territory again and steadily progressing toward home finally pulling into the driveway after two weeks away, collecting and sorting the mail from neighbors and resorting life to some sort of normalcy. Don’t get me wrong I love exploring the country and taking a vacation but it makes you appreciate even more the beauty of home. It was another great trip for our family and we should have some great pictures and this great story to tell everyone soon! I’ll be sure to post those pictures here once I get them back so keep checking for updates, don’t know how many real logs I’ll get a chance to post before I head back to school, but I’ll try. –Ben

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