how busy is too busy?

So I’m stuck in a Student Association (Senate) meeting right now and thanks to 802.11b wireless networks I’m able to browse the net; it’s a lifesaver I tell you. Anyway I realized that it’s been a long time (almost a month!) since I updated my blog and I must say I’ve been extremely busy.

School has been going well for me this semester so far. I have a number of very interesting classes this semester and can honstly say I’m learning quite a bit. Thanks to my superior scheduling skills I have no classes before 12:20PM and no I don’t sleep in every day, but it is a nice option.

I again have two jobs on campus this year. I’m working two days a week in the Ameritech Telecommunications Lab and a few more days a week as an event service technician in the student center.

I seem to have more reading this semester than I have had before, this is not neccecarily a bad thing as I tend to enjoy most of the reading, but it does stress my schedule just a bit more than previous semesters have. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this more often as the semester progresses, I know that the second quarter will be less stressful as I’ll be through two more industry certicfications by that time.

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