the snow has arrived

Here in Western Wisconsin we actually have a small accumulation of snow on the ground tonight and by the time it’s all said and done, they’re estimating 4-6″ in this area. This is all fine and dandy with me because I don’t have major travel plans and I’m ready for snow, but I know it will dissappoint many.

In other news, I know I have been really bad about updating this, but life calls you know? This semester is turning out rather busy actually. In some ways it’s hard to beleive it’s going to be halfway over this week, seems like school just started the other week, in other ways I’m ready for Christmas break. Hopefully things will let up a bit once we get into November though, I think they should.

My laptop is somewhere in Michigan being repaired right now, it needed some backlight and floppy drive repair. Luckily I’m not using it for notes in any class this semester and I should have it back this week I think. The joys of electronics.

Things are progressing well with my Amateur Radio Licence studying and I think I’ll be well prepared for the test on November 2nd. I’m in the midst of writing a speech for speech class right now so that’s the big project at the moment. I am slightly concerned about a Lit midterm coming up this Thursday, mostly because it’s a huge part of our grade in the class and I haven’t experianced this prof’s exams before, hopefully I’ll do well. It’ll be quite a relief to be through that in any event.

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