frustrating times

Well, all the snow melted, but it’s now fridgid here again. I’m told this is the third coldest October on record. I feel like I have so much to blog about but then again I don’t know what I should or can say because who knows who reads this thing so I’ll probably stick to the safe stuff for the time being.

I got two big things out of the way this week, nevermind there seem to be way too many more coming down the pipe yet this semester. I must say this is definately my busiest semester at school yet, and I don’t know why that is I had more credits last semester. Anyway I got an A- on both a speech and a Modern American Lit midterm this week, which made me pretty happy. I was worried about the midterm becuase the format was very open and directions were very lacking in direction.

The first bad news in the pipe is I have a montage due for speech class on Tuesday. What that has to do with speech I have no idea, but it’s going to be a big pain. I think I’m going to do it on the DMCA because we’re supposed to pick a topic that we’re passionate about. The trick is to figure out what I’m going to put on this “3-d collage” I have few ideas, maybe a video tape, cd and floppy disk that show somehow the inablility to use them as you like. I’m desperate for resources and ideas people, so please post any in the comments section right here. Remember I’m at school in a dorm so I have very limitied resources, another thing that makes this so frustrating. I also have an extremely limited amount of traditional creative ability, again very frustrating to be forced into doing a project like this.

I have to stay here at school this weekend to work Friday night and Sunday night. We have to work one weekend a semester, I guess I’m lucky to not have any morning events but both my events run late into the evening so we’ll see how that all goes. luckily the work is not too demadning so it’ll probably be mostly browsing the web time.

On Saturday morning I’ll also be taking my Technician Licence Ham Radio Exam on campus. As I mentioned before I think this is something I’ve been interested in for quite a while and I finally got around to doing something about it. I have been studying pretty well I think, and I should pass I hope. I’ll be sure to let you all know. I already bought a handheld transceiver on ebay so I’m all ready to go now except for the licence. I love talking about it with “the profs” but that’s another story for another time.

Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!


  1. Hey, Ben – you’ll enjoy that ham license. I had one years ago. It’s long since expired and been reassigned to someone else, but it was fun.