CES Entries

For those that don’t know I’ve been at the Consumer Electronics Show for the past five days. Right now I’m sitting in McCarran airport waiting for my flight home which leaves in about an hour. I do love the free WiFi they provide, I wish more airports would do the same! In my usual trip style I will have daily writeups availible soon. I would have liked to have these up earlier but it was quite a busy show for me and I had very limited internet access. In any event I hope to get the log written up on the flight home and posted sometime late tonight or tomorrow. If you’re really that bored you can track my progess home on one of the following real-time flight tracking sites: FlyteComm (flight number SCX206), FlightArrivals.com or FlightView.com (Sun Country flight 206).


  1. OOh! Oooh! You were at CES?! COOL! How was it? What did you do? What did you see? Did you meet up with anyone there? I’ll keep hitting REFRESH, can’t wait for the details…