Grandstream set to rock the VoIP world

I was just perusing about and saw that later this month Grandstream (of BudgeTone and HT286 fame) will be releasing the HT-488 Analog Telephone Adapter. You might wonder why this is so amazing. This is going to be the first low-cost true FXO consumer VoIP device. Some devices claim to have FXO ports but they are really just failsafes for when your VoIP line goes down. Here is a sub-$100 device that actually can accept incoming calls from the PSTN and send them along to a VoIP phone or Asterisk PBX. Additionally, you can call out from a VoIP phone over a PSTN line. I would venture to guess that this little puppy will storm the Asterisk world and we’ll see a lot more people experimenting with VoIP PBX software in the SOHO arena. A major barrior to entry will be knocked down as both the Digium and knockoff FXO PCI cards were notoriously difficult to get working correctly with good audio quality and no echo.


  1. The firmware for the FXO port is not THAT ready yet. I have a few of those boxes, the FXS port works great. However, when the FXO port is accessed, it crashes the whole unit.