Sipura follows Grandstream with FXO device

In a recent announcement VoIP technology company Sipura (recently acquired by Cisco’s Linksys division) announced the new SPA-3000 with 1 port FXS and 1 port FXO capability. Earlier this year competitor Grandstream made a similar announcement so it looks like we have the beginning of a trend on our hands and one which is bound to be good for the Asterisk SOHO community.

In related news Russell Shaw at ZDNET has a blog entry suggesting this very technology could be what Cisco was after when they announced the Sipura purchase. I know I’m certianly interested to see what Cisco/Linksys does with this technology, especially if they start putting “home PBXs” in the Linksys broadband routers!

I was also interested to find the Asterisk Management Portal which is an open source project developed by a Canadian company and looks to be a much easier way to administrate Asterisk servers.

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