Windows Authentication

I thought I had already posted about this but a quick search of the archives shows I have not. If you’re interested in changing the way Windows users on your network can authenticate but don’t have the resources, time or desire to implement a domain or Active Directory you may want to look at pGina. pGina is an open source project by XPA Systems which also offers pay support for the product.

Using a series of plugins pGina will let Windows users authenticate with a variety of services including, mySQL servers, LDAP directories, PAM, POP3, RADIUS, RSA SecurID, Bluesocket/URI, PAM or even Slashdot. I’ve tried out the software and it works as advertised including the ability to do very basic roaming profiles via a FTP server. Very interesting stuff, especially for a small office or large home situation where you have a number of users and wish to have a single point for authentication but don’t want to go through with a full domain or Active Directory installation.

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