Standing but not operating

Some weeks ago I was directed to the Heritage USA section of this site. SBNO is dedicated to photographs of amusement parks (mostly in Ohio) that have closed but remain standing. Of course I know about the phenomena of Urban Explorataion, also called UE, and have read the book Invisible Frontier detailing some of the adventures of a New York City UE team. I started scouting around the internet and found a few other interesting sites covering UE or UE related topics.

Defunct Parks has all kinds of information and articles about closed amusement parks including a listing of them by state.

Ruins and Urban Exploration maintains a list of websites and books with additional information on the topic and/or stunning photographs.

The Minneapolis Drain Archive has some information about some early Minneapolis UE expeditions from 1998-1999.

Action Squad is probably the longest running UE team in the Twin Cities though things have tapered off lately. They have an excellent website with detailed trip logs and photos.

Greg Brick has an Urban Speleology site with some information and pictures from caves in urban areas, especially the Twin Cities.

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