Low cost electronics lab equipment

In the past I’ve had good luck purchasing inexpensive elecotronics lab equipment such as autoranging digital multimeters from circuitspecialists.com and would still recommend them but another option has come to my attention. In reviewing some of my literature from the January Consumer Electronics Show (read: working on the backlog of work on my desk) I stubled across the multimeterwarehouse.com website. To be sure these folks specialize in meters and a few power supplies, not the broader range of equipment that Circuit Specialists has, but if you need to outfit an electronics lab, shop or just yourself with a handy digial multimeter they may be just the ticket.


  1. Dear god man, no one loves technobable!! They have stuff, shiny stuff – that’s good. No one understands the multitweeters and flaggenstaffs whatsit transistor-whosits! Unless you’re Amanda Tapping from SG-1 you lose your audience when you say multitweeter meter! Say cheap and shiny, that’ll hook ’em!