Back up that data!

I’ve looked at online data backup solutions in the past and have found them slow and overly expensive. I recently uncovered which looks to change all that, at least for those users confortable with the Linux command line.

The great thing about (other than the $1.80/gb price and unlimited transfer) is that you can use the rsync protocol. For those not familiar, rsync is a protocol which transfers only the portions of a file which have chnaged instead of the entire file. Essentially it makes the tramsfer process much more efficient. As an added benefit you can use other open protocols such as sftp, Unison, rdiff-backup, WebDAV and duplicity. If that sounds like alphabet soup to you is probably not the right solution, this is not a one touch backup solution. On the other hand if you are comfortable getting your feet wet might be a great and inexpensive solution for automated offsite backup.

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