Collecting weather with one wire

I thought I’d written about this in the past, but it appears I have not so I’ll have to take a bit more time to explain this than I thought. To make a long story shorter my interest in weather and computers indicates that at some point I would like to have a computerized weather station at the house. In looking into this, and with my strong preference for inexpensive and open source solutions, I came across the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire protocol. As it turns out there are a lot of things you can do with the 1-wire protocol, including using their iButtons and readers as the basis for an access control system (another fun project). One of the early ways they popularized the 1-wire system was by developing an inexpensive weather station.

The station is now sold by Automatizacion Aplicada a Gasolineras (AAG) on their website. The sourceforge One Wire Weather (OWW) project is an open source solution to logging and displaying the data from just such a station. As an added benefit the OWW project has a page listing hardware suppliers, projects and scripting resources. If you’re interested in this sort of thing I encourage you to look at the 1-Wire products and the OWW project as a fun activity.

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