Online Amateur Radio Repeater Directory

I recently found the website which contains a listing of many of the amateur radio repeaters in the United States. I actually had a plan at one point to develop a similar PHP/MySQL driven site but simply have way too many other projects going to take on another. That said I do have a few issues with the US Repaters site. First, the site is a mess graphically and navigation leaves a lot ot be desired. The lack of an interface for owners of repaters and/or coordination bodies to make changes, users to search, etc. is also unfortuante. Secondly, the data is copyright instead of being open and freely available. As inexpensive as webhosting is these days and seeing that ham radio has a long tradition of sharing knowledge I am disappointed to see someone attempting to assert control over this factual data. I think a simple ad supported site (not the ads all over approach US Repeaters takes) would be sufficient to support such a directory. If someone out there is interested in working on an open PHP/MySQL repeater directory I would be more than happy to provide web space, bandwidth and my ideas. Contact me if interested.


  1. I would be interested in working on this in my (very little) spare time. I am especially interested in porting this to a format that can be used in a PDA.

    First issue of course is getting a feed.

    Drop me a line with your ideas.

  2. Good luck with that, I applaud your efforts. Jim